Future with Aquaponic of Agriculture

Earth’s freshwater resources are dealing with increasing pressure from consumptive use and pollution. In many countries with high population density, water preservation is already of utmost importance. Aquaponics provides a valid form of agriculture in which the use of water is minimized; hence the public water supplies will greatly benefit from this type of farming India has the highest blue footprint 243 Gm3/y or 24% of the world’s blue footprint – used for irrigating wheat, rice and sugarcane primarily.

Higher yields – more harvest cycles

“You get a much higher yield per acre than a traditional farm, which needs about six acres for every one acre of Aquaponics production” 3 to 12 times more crop rotations compared to agriculture on land.

Aquaponics uses about 90% less land and water than soil agriculture but potentially could generate three to four times more food, according to a report from Industry ARC, a Hamilton, N.Y., consulting and research company. It takes 60 days to grow a full-grown head of lettuce in soil and only 36 days in Aquaponics.

Intelligent design allows for perpetual growing food and daily harvesting, the whole year around!


Increase the level of quality of agriculture

It can increase production, but it can also increase the level of quality of agriculture. We are looking for re-interpretation of the farming practices through use of data-centric technologies. And this re-interpretation will be placed within a new vision of rural areas." In these way smart rural areas should not come out of the blue and live in a void, but be connected with smart agri-food industry, smart tourism and other activities that move in rural areas and around agriculture.

Access to real time information about harvesting, planting and yields could also help corporations predict the property value of farms better than anyone else and have unparalleled insight into the commodities market.



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